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I fell under the spell of film music in 1976 with Jerry Goldsmith’s horrifying music to THE OMEN. As a 14-year-old kid, the gory impalings and beheadings onscreen were more “cool” than frightening, but Goldsmith’s score chilled me to the bone. It was my first soundtrack purchase and I wore out the original LP. (God only knows what my parents thought about the Satanic sounds emanating from my bedroom.)

In the decades since, I’ve had untold hours of enjoyment listening to film music, and it occupies at least 95 percent of the 80gb of music on my iPod. There is not a day that goes by without my listening to at least one full score.

Through my many years of higher education and degrees in music, I’ve had to fight the stereotype that film music is “beneath” classical music. While I share affection for both types of music, I daresay that film music is the classical music of today. You’ll be whistling the theme to GONE WITH THE WIND or STAR WARS before what few contemporary compositions are being programmed on concerts and recitals throughout the country.

The mission of FilmScoreClickTrack.com is to share my passion and carry the torch for this music as a viable art form. From my small corner of cyberspace, I hope to please current film score fans and hopefully convert some new fans as well.

I have written about film music professionally since 2005, including liner notes for Film Score Monthly, Intrada, La-La Land Records, Varèse Sarabande Records and Disques Cinemusique. I am currently the Managing Editor of Film Score Monthly Online. To read some of my published writing and find out more about my professional writing site, please visit JimLochner.com.

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