Academy Awards

97 Scores Vie for Oscar

At 97, this year’s slate of Academy Award-eligible film scores is mighty hefty. And yet even with this many scores, there are still some glaring omissions. Hans Zimmer took himself out of the running so RANGO, KUNG FU PANDA 2 and SHERLOCK HOLMES are ineligible. Howard Shore’s A DANGEROUS METHOD reinterprets Wagner so it’s no… More


39 Songs Eligible for Best Song Oscar

Back in the summer, I posted on Facebook how excited I was to find two songs from films that I thought should be up for this year’s Academy Award. And those two songs–“Star Spangled Man” (CAPTAIN AMERICA) and “So Long” (WINNIE THE POOH)–will now vie against 37 others for Oscar’s five nomination slots. As usual,… More

Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

On a High and Windy Hill

Following the success of Dimitri Tiomkin’s title song for HIGH NOON, whose popularity prior to the film’s release marketed it to box office bucks (and no doubt helped him win the Oscar), producers scrambled to add songs to films, whether they warranted them or not. Popular songs like “Moon River” (BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S), “Raindrops Keep… More


2010 Academy Award Music Nominees

Today is one of the most important days of the year for me–the Oscar nominations. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but after 35 years, it’s hard to break such a well-entrenched obsession, I mean tradition. I was all set to spit fire if John Powell wasn’t nominated…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are the music nominees… More


How to “Predict” the Oscars

It’s less than a week away from the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations and two comments under my 77 Film Scores Eligible for Oscar post got me thinking. Rather than write long-winded comments, I thought I’d write a long-winded post instead. (Why can I expend so many more words on shallow awards trivia than… More

Oscar Statue

77 Film Scores Eligible for Oscar

Those who have followed my posts since this time last year may have noticed that I didn’t write about the endless array of precursor critic awards leading up to the Oscar nominations. Frankly, I got bored and decided to forgo it this season. (I can hear the collective hurrah from here.) Ultimately, for those of… More

Lawrence of Arabia

CD Review: Lawrence of Arabia

Few films are as majestic or engrossing as David Lean’s LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. With a running time of nearly four hours, the film is filled with indelible cinematic images, memorable set pieces, and a spectacular, star-making performance by Peter O’Toole. For us film music fans, it’s all about the music and few films scores make… More

Born Free

Born Free

Sometimes the historical success of a film rests solely on its music, at least with us film score fans. Such is the case with BORN FREE. Based on naturalist Joy Adamson’s bestselling book, the film chronicles the African adventures of Joy (Virginia McKenna) and her husband George (Bill Travers), including bringing up a lioness cub…. More



Elliot Goldenthal always seems to produce his best work when he’s collaborating with his real life partner, director Julie Taymor. And such was the case with his Oscar-winning score to FRIDA (2002). Selma Hayak lustily portrays the tortured life of painter Frida Kahlo in the captivating biopic, from Frida’s humble beginnings, her marriage to legendary revolutionary… More