The Godfather

9 Favorite Film Scores of Nino Rota

He’s Fellini’s musical muse, the Corleone family’s classically chromatic consigliere, and the potent musical potion for two star-crossed lovers. (Okay, enough with the annoying alliterations.) But there’s more to Nino Rota‘s music than wine-soaked mandolins and Fellini-esque oom pah pah. On the anniversary of Rota’s centenary (December 3rd), who better to honor with this month’s “9… More

The Godfather, Part II

The Godfather, Part II

THE GODFATHER, PART II is a rarity in Hollywood: a sequel that works as well as, or better than, the original. The film follows the Corleone mob family in two very different stories: the first with Michael (Al Pacino) in 1950’s Nevada and Cuba and the second with Robert De Niro playing a younger version… More


CD Review: Nino Rota – Concert Music

It didn’t take me long to explore more of Nino Rota‘s concert music. In addition to the new release of his First and Second Symphonies on Chandos, I was recently sent a copy of a disc of three of Rota’s later works, performed by I Musici di Parma. Following his years as an arthouse favorite… More


An Offer You Can’t Refuse

As a pre-pubescent ten-year-old in 1972, I was at the theater watching SNOOPY, COME HOME with my Mom, while most of America was lining up to see THE GODFATHER. I heard songs by the Sherman Brothers, they heard one of the most influential film scores in the history of film music. No offense to the… More