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Top 10 Film Scores of 2012

One of the joys of compiling a year-end list is revisiting film scores that I may have forgotten. With so many scores released over the last 12 months, it’s easy for one or more to slip through the cracks. As usual, some scores that I was sure would make my list didn’t. By all rights, Nick… More

John Carter

CD Review: John Carter

Disney has faced an uphill battle marketing its new film, JOHN CARTER. Based on Edgar Rice Burrough’s 1917 novel A Princess from Mars, the studio has endured negative press for months surrounding focus groups, changing titles, and the dilemma of how to present a sci-fi/fantasy film based on a century-old book that few people have even… More


CD Review: Super 8

When a train derails releasing a dangerous, unseen presence in a small suburban town, a group of youngsters making an amateur film unwittingly capture the alien images on their Super 8 camera. The nuts and bolts of SUPER 8 aren’t particular fresh or original. Rolling elements from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, THE GOONIES and E.T. into one film… More


CD Review: Cars 2

The original CARS in 2006 is widely considered one of the weaker Pixar efforts. Its box office performance did not nearly match its merchandising sales, with an estimated $5 billion in sales. After merchandising challenges like WALL-E and UP (grumpy old man action figure anyone?), it’s no surprise that the studio would revisit the film… More


Married Life

My buddy Tim got married a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t at the wedding and I’ve never even met Tim in person. Yet we’ve connected through Twitter, this blog, and our love of film music. You really can connect with people online, even when you haven’t physically met. I was as happy for Tim… More


Oscar 2009 – Some Final Thoughts

For those of us who thought THE HURT LOCKER a competently made yet rambling, dull, insignificant piece of filmmaking (like me), last night’s Academy Awards was an excruciating affair. And producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman (who, as director of HAIRSPRAY, should know better) should be ashamed at how they treated the music categories. A… More

Ratatouille - Anton Ego

The Work of a Critic Is Easy?

When Pixar  announced that their entry into the already over-crowded litter of critter movies in 2007 was to be about a rat, to paraphrase Hermione Gingold in THE MUSIC MAN: “I was reticent. Oh, yes, I was reticent!” Even with Pixar’s credentials, how could they pull off a film about vermin? But RATATOUILLE served up a smorgasbord of… More