Top 10 Film Scores of 2011

Film Score Click Track readers have had their say, now it’s my turn. I wonder if I’ll look back ten years from now and see 2011 as a turning point in my film music development. This past year, I found myself listening in different ways, with my attention captured by details and intricacies beyond the… More


Readers Poll: Top 10 Film Scores of 2011

2011…what a year in film music! Patrick Doyle took his music in “new” directions. Alexandre Desplat found his music subject to severe dissections. And two more John Williams scores were added to our collections. All three of these composers not surprisingly made the list of this year’s Readers Poll. Thanks to everyone who participated in… More

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

CD Review: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when Hollywood has to tap into 40-year-old, long-forgotten TV movies for new product. (SYBIL with Lindsay Lohan, anyone? How about Halle Berry in  THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MISS JANE PITTMAN? Or a Pixar animated version of DUEL?) I don’t remember if I ever saw the 1973 TV movie DON’T… More

Soul Surfer

CD Review: Soul Surfer

SOUL SURFER, the true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton’s recovery from a shark attack, seems tailor-made for the movies. But not for this viewer. I can only see one loss-o’-limb film (127 HOURS) in any 12-month period. Thankfully, Marco Beltrami doesn’t suffer from my weak constitution, composing an exciting and moving score that rides… More

The Hurt Locker

CD Review: The Hurt Locker

On the eve of its surprising win from the Producers Guild, THE HURT LOCKER continues its astonishing run of awards kudos. The film about a bomb squad in Iraq opened in June to stellar critical praise and brought in a paltry $12.6 million at the box office. But the film has rallied at the end… More


CD Review: Terminator Salvation

Like STAR TREK fans, TERMINATOR fans are a loyal bunch. Mess with their franchise at your own peril. For those who can keep up with the franchise’s time-twisting storyline, more power to you. I got the gist of it, but outside of Sam Worthington’s affecting performance as the new “human” Terminator, I didn’t find much to… More