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50 Favorite Film Scores, Part 2: #40–31

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Yesterday, I began a week-long look at 50 of my favorite film scores. If you want to read about the background behind the project, check out the earlier post. The remaining scores will be covered throughout the rest of the week. Now, on with the next installment of 50 of my favorite film scores… 40. GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) [audio:gonewiththewind.mp3] Max Steiner’s classic score is made for the Technicolor sweep of the big screen. Anchored by arguably the most famous piece of film music ever written (if for no…

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9 Oscar-Winning Scores Still To Be Released

Thoroughly Modern Millie

You’d think there be a month that went by that I didn’t think about the Oscars. Alas, I’m just that shallow. Even though an Academy Award is no indication of quality, the Oscars are how I taught myself about the history of film music and I don’t like holes in my Oscar collection. Yet after 35+ years of burdening myself with such a foolish obsession, my collection is still minus too many excellent Oscar scores. I doubt the collection will ever be complete when it comes to nominated scores. There…

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CD Review: The Goonies

The Goonies

I’m firmly convinced that you had to be a pre-pubescent boy in 1985 to appreciate THE GOONIES. When the movie premiered, I was far beyond the single- and early double-digits that this film is geared toward, so I found it to be silly. But I am a fan of Dave Grusin and I greeted the premiere release of the complete GOONIES score with at least some level of excitement. Grusin’s end credit suite was the only score cue on the original LP, the rest of the album taken up by pop songs by…

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Milagro Means “Miracle”


And it was a miracle when Dave Grusin won the 1988 Oscar for THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR. The film was Robert Redford’s second project behind the camera after winning the Best Director Oscar for ORDINARY PEOPLE eight years earlier. MILAGRO was a disappointment to those who expected Redford to pull another Oscar winner out of his hat, and it fizzled at the box office. Grusin’s nomination came as a surprise, and the win was a total shock and an even greater pleasure. Based on John Nichols’s novel, the movie is a…

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Big Fish In a Little Pond

On Golden Pond

When Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn signed on to star in ON GOLDEN POND, Ernest Thompson’s minor Broadway play caught a couple of prize fish. The heartwarming comedy/drama racked up nearly $120 million in ticket sales and came in number two for the year, though a distant second behind RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. What for some is a sickly sweet film is for me a joy thanks to Hank and Kate’s Oscar-winning performances, the lush cinematography of the lake, and the simple, unaffected score by composer Dave Grusin. The…

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