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9 Favorite FSM CDs

With the release of Jerry Fielding’s THE WILD BUNCH last month, it’s the end of the line for the Film Score Monthly label. With a roster of 250 releases since 1996, FSM filled a very important void in the soundtrack business. With its primary concentration on the MGM library (which later incorporated other studios), producer… More

Citizen Kane

50 Favorite Film Scores, Part 1: #50–41

In the countdown to my 50th birthday on the 19th, in addition to foolishly choosing nine of my favorite film composers, I decided to tackle an even more daunting task—choose 50 of my favorite scores. Little did I know when I began this listening project back in June that it would prove to be so… More


9 Favorite Film Scores of Bronislau Kaper

One of the great things about the Film Score Monthly label has been its championing of lesser-known composers like Oscar-winner Bronislau Kaper. Prior to FSM, Kaper’s output on CD was basically nonexistent. Since the release of the soundtrack of THE PRODIGAL in 2002, FSM has released approximately 25 Kaper scores, most of which have never been… More

Lawrence of Arabia

9 Favorite Film Scores of 1962

August is my birthday month. Back in school it sucked because kids never bothered to remember your birthday during the summer. As a young adult, I used to have a mental list that I’d check off each year as friends wished me a happy birthday (or not). (Pathetic.) Now, due to the marvel of Facebook,… More

Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty

Fresh off the success of its widescreen remake of BEN-HUR in 1959, M-G-M greenlit another famous epic—a remake of the studio’s 1935 Best Picture Oscar winner, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY. The tale of the famous 1789 mutiny aboard the H.M.S. Bounty would seem ripe for a bright, Technicolor touch-up. But as directors and writers came and… More


The Thrill of the Hunt

I’ve never participated in a fox hunt for a couple of reasons–1) It’s now banned almost everywhere, 2) I’m afraid of horses, and 3) it requires me to be outdoors. Though I’m fully aware of the animal cruelty issues, there’s still something appealing about the time-honored tradition of a good old-fashioned hunt. Plus, I think… More



As the movie poster rightfully proclaims: “You’ll fall in love with LILI!” This charming, simple film stars Leslie Caron as a sad and lonely orphan who hooks up with a traveling carnival and falls in love with a womanizing magician (Jean-Pierre Aumont) and a crippled, embittered puppeteer (Mel Ferrer). The film could have easily been cloying but director… More


A Musical Feast

From the page to the stage to film and back again, AUNTIE MAME (1958) began life as a bestselling novel by Patrick Dennis before treading the boards on Broadway for 639 hit performances. Extolling her mantra of “live, live, LIVE,” the irreverent escapades of everyone’s favorite madcap aunt from Beekman Place features a feast of comic… More