Taras Bulba

Following In Waxman’s Foot-steppes

The highlight of Franz Waxman’s Oscar-nominated score for TARAS BULBA (1962) is the thrilling “The Ride to Dubno.” As Yul Brynner and his fellow Cossacks ride onto the steppes to meet an unsuspecting Polish army at Dubno, Waxman’s music begins quietly and grows in force and brio as more and more men join the caravan. Horse hooves thunder and Waxman’s brilliant cue gallops ride alongside them. Like Ravel’s Bolero, the tension builds and builds. A cue of epic proportions!

Next comes an unbelievable transcription for two pianos featuring pianists Per Tengstrand and Shan-shan Sun, From the 2007 Helsingborg Piano Festival in Sweden, the two musicians give it their all. Who says film music doesn’t belong in the concert hall?

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