Composing for Characters

Much has already been written in these pages about my admiration for Michael Giacchino’s score for UP. Much has also been written about my dissatisfaction with the “download only” release of the soundtrack. While I miss the tactile sensation and the sense of permanence of a physical CD, iTunes has one-upped Amazon in its release.

Though the iTunes download is $9.99 compared to Amazon’s $8.99, iTunes includes a 25-page PDF booklet (which is nothing more than images from the film). But the big news for film score fans is the inclusion of a 7-minute video of Giacchino discussing the score. The video takes you behind the scenes of Giacchino’s compositional process, interviews with director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera, and scenes from the recording sessions.

If all download releases contained goodies like this video, it would go a long way in assuaging my consternation over the lack of a physical CD. If you missed Giacchino’s video as my featured video last week, you can now watch it on this page. To get your own copy, download the soundtrack from iTunes.

If “download only” really is the wave of the future, let’s hope studios continue to provide entertaining and informative videos like this on DVDs and downloads so that fans and general audiences can get a glimpse into the vibrant world of film music.

  1. I’m not a fan of downloads, unless it is ina24/192 format (good luck with that)

    1. I can understand. Me neither. But if it’s the only way, then expect me to go kicking and screaming. LOL

    1. Great movie, isn’t it? And Giacchino’s score works so well in it.

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