Giving Thanks Through Film Music

This week has not exactly gone as planned. On Monday, I went to the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center to do some research for my next Gold Rush column for Film Score Monthly Online. The library was missing the folders and all the binders connected to the film I wanted to research. They didn’t even have any information on the composer.


On Tuesday, the post office gave me crap about a package I was sending to my parents and I had to repackage it and send it Priority Mail because the old box had advertising on it. Then I found out the branch of my bank had closed last week and I had to go up 11 blocks to deposit a check now.


Then this morning I spilled an entire liter of Sunkist soda all over my coffee table, papers, library books, iPod, Blackberry, carpet, white chair, and the walls. Boy, that carbonation makes for some volcanic-like eruptions. All of this at 8:15 in the morning. I was not planning on spending an hour cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, and doing laundry. It threw off my entire day and just seemed to cap the minor–yet frustrating–inconveniences that had happened so far this week.


Then I turned on the stereo and Alexandre Desplat’s score for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON started to play. I got lost in the hypnotic music, took a nap, and forgot about my “troubles.” What is it about film music that resounds with me and gives me so much pleasure? Here are some film music-related things that I’m thankful for this year:

  • Michael Giacchino
  • “Discovering” Angelo Badalamenti
  • The many wonderful scores by Alexandre Desplat this year
  • Finally meeting Tim Curran and Doug Adams, not merely colleagues but friends
  • Finding an out-of-print new copy of David Shire’s RETURN TO OZ dirt cheap
  • The proliferation of issues of Andre Previn and Leigh Harline’s music
  • The restorations of Tribute Film Classics and Tadlow
  • The return of Marvin Hamlisch to film scoring
  • The roar for Howard Shore’s bow at the LORD OF THE RINGS concert
  • That the high decibel of my earbuds have not ruined my hearing so I can still listen to music
  • And the many film score fans and friends I’ve met and made through this blog, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, and enriching these past months.

Whether or not you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, put on your favorite soundtrack—or discover a new one—and give thanks not only for the bounty of film music that continues to come our way each and every day, but the ability to share and discuss it with each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

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