Maurice Jarre (1924-2009)

Three-time Academy Award-winner Maurice Jarre died today at age 84 from cancer. And it is his music that we celebrate in remembrance. Jarre had his first international hit with his Oscar-winning score for Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. But he wasn’t the original choice to score the entire film. William Walton and Malcolm Arnold both passed on… More


Shark Bait, Oo-ha-ha!

Forget Neil Armstrong.  John Williams‘ “one small step” (or more accurately half-step) was a giant leap…at least for film music. The simple, yet effective, two-note motif Williams employed in JAWS invokes terror from the opening bars. It has been parodied and plagiarized ever since. Yes, Spielberg’s images would have been frightening by themselves, but the superbly edited trailer… More


You Have Cheated Me

“You Have Cheated Me”: Aaron Copland’s Compromised Score to The Heiress Published in Film Score Monthly May/June 2005   Aaron Copland arrived in Hollywood in 1938, and in little more than a decade he’d had enough. With his scores to Of Mice and Men (1939) and Our Town (1940), he created a new musical language… More