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I Am Spartacus!


All good things come to those who wait. Fifty years after the release of Stanley Kubrik’s epic film, we finally have the ultimate release of Alex North‘s monumental score for SPARTACUS! Varese Sarabande is releasing an astonishing box set–six CDs featuring all the remaining stereo tracks, the original soundtrack LP rearranged in film order, the entire score in mono, demos, alternate and unused cues, and two CDs of contemporary film composers interpreting the score’s beautiful love theme. I’m looking forward to hearing what composers like Dave Grusin, Alexandre Desplat and John…

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I Wear Many Hats


In my numerous jobs over the years, I’ve worn many hats. And like most jobs–and most hats–they go out of style. But as you try on different hats, you begin to know which ones are a good fit and those that are not. I’ve filed doctoral papers for PhD candidates. I’ve solicited donors for money. I’ve spent more years than I care to count being the office persona non grata (i.e., temp). My whole adult, post-college working life has been spent in an office. As of 2003, those days were numbered….

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A Grimm Release


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably already read about this as I posted something brief yesterday. But for those of you who don’t, here’s a post about a CD I’m particularly excited about. I don’t usually write about the actual release of a CD. I figure you guys follow those release dates and the message boards pretty closely. I won’t be reviewing this particular CD because of a conflict of interest, but I have no shame in giving it a short plug and marketing it a bit….

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Oscar 2009 – Some Final Thoughts


For those of us who thought THE HURT LOCKER a competently made yet rambling, dull, insignificant piece of filmmaking (like me), last night’s Academy Awards was an excruciating affair. And producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman (who, as director of HAIRSPRAY, should know better) should be ashamed at how they treated the music categories. A few weeks ago it was announced that the five nominated songs would not be performed live on this year’s telecast. Oscar has never known how to produce the songs properly. They’re usually a cross between…

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Sherlock Holmes: The Music Video

Sherlock Holmes

For fans of Hans Zimmer‘s SHERLOCK HOLMES score, here’s a treat. As the last days of Oscar voting wind down (ballots are due March 2), Zimmer has pulled together a music video in a unique attempt to garner votes for his score. (Thanks to the folks at I was alerted to the following music video featuring Hans Zimmer and Robert Downey Jr. as a last second campaign to earn Zimmer’s Sherlock Holmes score an Original Score Oscar. The video is the first track on the album, “Discombobulate.” Zimmer plays the…

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2009 Academy Award Nominees


It’s been a long road of prognosticators and pontificating on the way to this year’s Oscar nominees, myself included. As the years pass, I become less and less interested in all the major categories (though I still talk about them endlessly throughout the course of the year). My fascination with the Oscars really remains (for obvious reasons to the readers of this blog) with the music categories, and specifically Best Original Score. Film score fans like to dismiss the Academy Awards and, yes, I often disagree with their nominees and…

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IFMCA Nominations 2009

Michael Giacchino

The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) has just announced its sixth annual nominations for the best in musical scoring of 2009. Nominations are taken from films and television from around the world in all genres. Michael Giacchino leads the field with a record nine nominations. Please click here for a PDF of the press release with the complete nominations. Right-click on the link if you’d like to save it to your computer. Since I am a member of IFMCA, I’ve disabled the comments section for this post so there…

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To Infinity and Beyond

Outer Space

My goal with this site has been to educate, entertain, and always champion film composers and their music. Since I started this site, I have been exposed to the work of numerous composers that I probably would not have found without this online outlet. Record labels and publicists have sent me materials out of the blue and some composers have contacted me on their own, which has been particularly gratifying. As part of the growth of this site for the coming year, I am instituting a series of “DISCOVERIES” posts that…

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The Art of Making Art


Once upon a time, there was the LP. Big and bulky, and oh so easy to scratch. Unveiled in 1948, they lasted roughly half a century until the clear digital quality of the CD finally replaced them. That’s a damn good run. I love CD’s and the sonic realms that they have brought us, but I’m not enough of an audiophile, nor are my ears attuned enough, to get all weepy over the difference between analog and digital sound. But I do miss the physical substance of an LP, particularly…

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Oscar’s Eligible Scores – 2009


For years I’ve wondered why the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences don’t officially release a list of eligible original scores, like they do for the original song category. Well, they still haven’t. But Steve Pond over at The Wrap apparently got a hold of the list of the 81 scores eligible for this year’s Academy Award. Here is the list of eligible scores: ADAM, Christopher Lennertz ADORATION, Mychael Danna ADVENTURES OF POWER, Ethan Gold ALIENS IN THE ATTIC, John Debney AMELIA, Gabriel Yared ASTRO BOY, John Ottman AVATAR,…

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