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9 Favorite Henry Mancini Scores

Before there was John Williams or Hans Zimmer, there was Henry Mancini—the first film music superstar. Through a string of chart-topping studio albums, Mancini’s indelible tunes were played on hi-fi’s around the world, and his songs and themes were sung and recorded by the top artists of his era. But that popularity came at a price…. More


9 Favorite Main Titles

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, movies used to have main titles that were scored. For two minutes, the composer laid the musical groundwork and set the tone for the film to follow. Then along came main title songs, sometimes written by the score composers, sometimes not. If not, the composer… More


9 Purple Cows of Film Music

In his excellent 2002 book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable, Seth Godin tells the story of a trip he took to France with his family. He describes driving around the French countryside, “enchanted by the hundreds of storybook cows grazing on picturesque pastures…For dozens of kilometers, we all gazed out the windows, marveling… More

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9 Favorite FSM CDs

With the release of Jerry Fielding’s THE WILD BUNCH last month, it’s the end of the line for the Film Score Monthly label. With a roster of 250 releases since 1996, FSM filled a very important void in the soundtrack business. With its primary concentration on the MGM library (which later incorporated other studios), producer… More

Hans Zimmer

9 Most Influential Film Composers

Every film composer brings his or her talent to a project. They carve out a career path for themselves in which they (hopefully) can make a living through the art and craft of creating music. But some film composers change the face of the art form. In the course of doing their jobs, they leave… More


9 Tired Topics in Film Music

We film music fans sure do love to argue. No matter the topic or time of day—on Facebook and Twitter, over brunch and over cocktails, in person or hiding behind some lame screen name—we love to air our opinions. I’m all for passion. It’s sure a helluva lot better than apathy. But some of the arguments… More

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of Film Music

Holy Moses! Ten items in a “9 on the 9th” post? I decided to shake things up a bit in the new year. I have the utmost respect for the Bible—at least as source material for entertaining, pompous 1950s costume dramas—but something within me urged me to adapt these into something hopefully we all can… More

Presidential Seal

9 Favorite Presidential Film Scores

For all our real-time fascination with the Presidency, audiences usually show very little interest in cinematic portrayals of the Commander in Chief. Perhaps because we have either lived through the period and don’t want to watch it all play out again onscreen, or maybe the era is so far removed that we just don’t care…. More

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9 Favorite Movie Songs

This month’s “9 on the 9th” post deviates a bit from the expected subject matter to focus on the combination of film music and lyrics. Over the years, movie songs have had their ups and downs. The best songs work within the film and/or encapsulate the story or an emotion. And there’s arguably no bigger… More