Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Karen Carpenter said it best: “Rainy days and Mondays always get you down…” And she was so right. Yesterday and today have both been grey days here in New York City–outside and inside. After a weekend that saw the demise of my laptop–which also resulted in a dime-sized hole (yes, hole) on the knuckle of the pinky of my right hand when I tried to “fix” it (what was I thinking?!)–I was all set with a fairly dark blog post for today. Then I found this cool new feature for the site.

If you’ll notice at the bottom of the site, I have installed the Wibya toolbar, which has all sorts of cool features that will hopefully add to your experience here on Film Score Click Track.

  • For all you international visitors, give the Translate feature a try. I’d be interested to know how accurate their computer-generated translations are compared to the English versions.
  • Too tired to go to the sidebar for recent posts? It’s there in the toolbar.
  • Check out all the videos on my YouTube channel.
  • Once I figure out how to link the CoolIris graphic feature that’s in the sidebar (which I updated yesterday) (Update: Now linked…Enjoy!), you’ll be able to look at it in the toolbar as well.
  • You can “like” any particular post or page in the site.
  • The toolbar tells you how many people are visiting the site at that particular moment.
  • You can subscribe to my RSS feed, share posts and follow me on Twitter.
  • The Facebook icon will take you to the FSM Online fan page.
  • The person icon…well, I’m not sure what that does yet. (Update: This is where I will post messages from time to time and film music items of interest that don’t necessitate a full blog post. So check back often.)
  • If you don’t want the toolbar showing, you can minimize it by clicking on the arrows on the right hand side.

As I play around more with the toolbar, I’ll probably add some extra features into the blank space in the middle. Let me know if you find any value in this new feature. If not, I’ll deactivate the plugin and get it out of your way.


  1. I think it’s a really neat plugin. I can definitely see it being useful for those of us who camp out here like e-hobos.

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