Married Life

My buddy Tim got married a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t at the wedding and I’ve never even met Tim in person. Yet we’ve connected through Twitter, this blog, and our love of film music. You really can connect with people online, even when you haven’t physically met. I was as happy for Tim as I would be for any of my close friends. Because that is what he is…a close friend. My happiness for his happiness prompted me to revisit one of my favorite film scores from 2009, UP.

In the film, music plays a major role, as it does in many animated films. But UP is special and so is Michael Giacchino‘s Oscar-winning score.

At the beginning of the film, a 4-minute silent montage follows the married life of young balloon salesman Carl (Ed Asner) and his childhood friend (now wife) Ellie. In four minutes, the film traverses decades in the life of this couple, from newlyweds through the trials and tribulations, happiness and heartache of their life together.

The waltz that dances through this touching love story changes orchestrations with the time periods yet firmly grounds us in the bond between these two characters. All that needs to be “said” is conveyed through the images and Giacchino’s music, without a word of dialogue.¬†Few films would be brave enough to allow silence for that stretch of time, with only the visuals and music to guide the emotions and storytelling. But that’s part of what makes this film and this score so special.

I pray that Tim and his new bride skip over the heartaches that Carl and Ellie faced. Yet like Carl and Ellie, I hope their life together is filled with adventure, cherished memories, and their own memorable film score to accompany it.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jim! We can’t wait to meet you in person. You’ve been a wonderful friend to Tim and I’m so excited for that friendship to continue and strengthen. God bless you! We hope to see you real soon!

    1. Look forward to meeting you too, Alison. Oh, I guess Tim as well. ;) I was trying to be discreet with the identities but you outed yourselves. LOL Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and that your life together is filled with joy.

  2. What an honor! This is such a sweet benediction for us. And I can still remember the warm tears and lump in my throat when I first watched this montage in theaters. I can’t think of another film that so aptly and succinctly depicts the beautiful highs and lows of two people growing old together. Such a moving marriage of music and pictures.

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