Sherlock Holmes: The Music Video

For fans of Hans Zimmer‘s SHERLOCK HOLMES score, here’s a treat. As the last days of Oscar voting wind down (ballots are due March 2), Zimmer has pulled together a music video in a unique attempt to garner votes for his score. (Thanks to the folks at

I was alerted to the following music video featuring Hans Zimmer and Robert Downey Jr. as a last second campaign to earn Zimmer’s Sherlock Holmes score an Original Score Oscar.

The video is the first track on the album, “Discombobulate.” Zimmer plays the score’s main theme on the Hungarian cimbalom and the film’s star, Robert Downey, Jr., can be seen plunking the piano. Director Guy Ritchie is also featured as well as a score of musicians who sent in their segments from around the world.

It’s all very tongue and check and a lot of fun. And you got to love any video that features a guy playing the violin while riding an elephant.

Will the video result in a surprise win on March 7? We’ll have to see. But kudos to Zimmer for coming up with something a little different to shake up the Longest. Oscar. Season. Ever!



  1. Zimmer really looks like quite an accomplished Hungarian cimbalom player here as he and his friends play around in this video to DISCOBOBULATE a funky and somewhat lurching tune. But the highlight for me was seeing the always stunning Venessa Mae strumming on her violin.

  2. It’s like gypsy music, I love it!

    You can tell it’s the work of Zimmer :)

    Thanks for posting the video, it’s served as great inspiration for a film I’m working on!
    .-= Wendell´s last blog ..Dead On Arrival =-.

    1. Hi Wendell. I love the gypsy aspect of it as well. And though you can hear Zimmer in there, it’s a Zimmer I’m not really familiar with, so the score–and particularly this track–came as a welcome surprise to me. I’m glad you found the video inspirational. I wish I could take credit for that. LOL But I’m sure Zimmer would be pleased.

  3. this was kinda awesome… very well edited. they should do more of these.

    1. I agree that composers should think about doing more of these. Not only are they great marketing tools at Oscar time, but I think they’d be great marketing tools for soundtracks as well. I’m sure they’re cost prohibitive though.

  4. Loved this theme which was heard in the film many times and at time’s it sounded like Ennio Morricone and gave the film a great sound thank’s to Hans Zimmer

    1. Hi Jerry, thanks for commenting. Like I said above, I enjoyed the music so much that it’s gotten me excited about seeing the film. I probably won’t get around to it until it comes out on DVD in a few weeks, but I’m glad that my self-imposed moratorium on Zimmer’s music is over thanks to my enjoyment of this score and ANGELS & DEMONS.

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