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As I’ve stated before, one of the most frustrating aspects of today’s veritable cornucopia of film music collecting is the frenzied free-for-all that occurs as a new limited edition title is announced. Many of us, myself included, scramble toward the mother lode to suck quickly from the proverbial tit before the milk is all gone and we’re left starving and whining.

For that reason, I don’t often post reviews of limited edition CDs on this site. By the time I get the CD, have time to listen to it properly and get the review up, the CD has long since sold out. (Often the title sells out shortly after I click “Submit Your Order”.) I prefer to promote film music you can actually buy, not report on those titles that are no longer in stock.

But perhaps I’m doing a disservice to you readers.

So I’m asking for your input. Please take a moment to vote in the poll in the sidebar. If you’d like to see more reviews of limited edition soundtracks, let your voice be heard.


  1. I know why you hesitate on reviewing these; I always feel bad when I praise a limited edition album in a review for FSMO, and then have to add the caveat that this wonderful score is sold out.

    But personally I’d love to read your take on any and all of these releases, even if the work isn’t available anymore. Your insight, analysis, opinion, and sound clips all make for a worthwhile and enjoyable experience—even if it does end up driving me to insanity because I can’t obtain some fantastic score!

  2. Yes I’d also love to hear some limited edition reviews regardless of it’s availability!

    When it comes to finding rare limited-edition items, ebay becomes my lifesaver.

    Oh and what erm…nice pictures! haha
    .-= Wendell´s last blog ..Dead On Arrival =-.

  3. With the huge number of releases and my methodical pace I really try not to pay attention to this limited edition sales tool. If I like it I’m going to write about it.

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