CD Release: Alexandra

MovieScore Media has just released Andrey Sigle’s score for Alexander Sokurov’s acclaimed 2007 political drama Alexandra. The music is performed by no less other than the revered Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre. The film, which was nominated for the 2007 Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of an elderly woman (legendary Russian soprano Galina Vishnevskaya)  who visits her grandson at his army camp inside Chechnya.

When I saw this haunting film in early 2008, the score made a deep impression on me.Variety wrote “Andrei Sigle’s moving compositions recall the sweep of late 19th century Russian composers.” I’ve been waiting for the DVD ever since (which has also been released today). I’m excited to see the film once again and to finally hear the score separated from the film.

Audio clips can be found on the MovieScore Media website, and you can order the score through Screen Archives Entertainment. Look for a review of the CD in a later post.

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